Wednesday 25 November 2015

Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany Germany

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5FDP + Papa Roach Tour
5FDP + Papa Roach Tour


Five Finger Death Punch (facebook, 25/11/2015) : "Despite some significant challenges in Europe since the horrible events in Paris recently, we have continued on our tour and remained dedicated to our mission of providing you, the fans, the highest quality show in the safest possible show environment. As a result of new & increased travel/transportation restrictions and challenges, in some cities we are scheduled to play, we are unable to fulfill this promise, so we were forced to postpone those shows. We continue to face additional challenges but remain committed to finishing out the tour as best as we can. We are not a band that is used to postponing or canceling shows. In fact, we have always prided ourselves on showing up onstage no matter what, so these extenuating circumstances have been particularly challenging for us, as artists, given the high standard we place on ourselves to deliver for the fans.

Five Finger Death Punch will finish out the remaining European tour dates without Papa Roach and Devil You Know in Düsseldorf, Germany and at Wembley Arena in the UK. The lineup for Düsseldorf will include FFDP, Eskimo Callboy, Skindred and Nothing More. For Wembley it will be FFDP, Skindred, As Lions and The One Hundred. The show in Brussels will be postponed, but we will be back soon to play for our Belgian fans.

We appreciate everyone’s support as we continue to navigate these largely uncharted waters. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than delivering the best show possible in the safest conditions."

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Heavy Metal
Rock, Progressive, Alternative
Ragga Punk Metal

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Tour : Five Finger Death Punch + Papa Roach European Tour 2015
Finland 02/11/2015 Helsinki
Sweden 04/11/2015 Stockholm
Norway 05/11/2015 Oslo
Denmark 06/11/2015 Copenhagen
Germany 08/11/2015 Hannover
Germany 09/11/2015 Leipzig
Germany 11/11/2015 Stuttgart
Switzerland 12/11/2015 Winterthur
Germany 13/11/2015 Frankfurt
France 15/11/2015 Strasbourg
Netherlands 17/11/2015 Amsterdam
Germany 19/11/2015 München
Austria 21/11/2015 Wien / Vienna
Germany 25/11/2015 Dusseldorf
United Kingdom 28/11/2015 London