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Wednesday 22 February > Saturday 25 February 2017
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Blastfest 2017
Blastfest 2017


Blastfest Facebook : "**BLASTFEST 2017 IS CANCELLED**

Blastfest has through several years pleased Metal og Hardrock fans abdroad and domestic. The festival was arranged first year in 2014. Great names has been presented, first and foremost for the local Bergen audience, but also for a number of guests from abroad..
Blastfest AS has tried to continue arranging the festival, but due to low ticketsales and low forecasts for ticketsale, the board of the company, with regrets, has found it correct to cancel the festival. The company has been delivered to The Bergen Tingrett for dissolution of the company.

To get your ticket refund, contact ticketmaster.no

Bergen Februar 1, 2017
The Board

Blastfest AS"

Band's detail

Progressive Rock, Metal and a whole lot more
Black Metal
Black Metal
Black Metal
Black Metal
Black metal
Death Metal
Brutal Death, Grind
Progressive / Death Metal
Death Metal
Black Metal
Melodic Dark Doom Metal
Death Metal
Black Metal
Thrash Death Metal
Black Metal Cult
Black, Thrash, Metal
Black-prog Metal
Experimental music, progressive, Metal
Progressive Metal
Black Metal
Grindcore, Metal
Black Metal
Black Metal, Sludge
Helnorsk SvartMetall
Supreme Avant Garde Death Metal
Swedish Death/Black Metal

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