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Wednesday 5 August > Saturday 8 August 2015
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Event's website : : Brutal Assault 2015

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Czech Republic


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  Czech Republic

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Brutal Assault 2015
Brutal Assault 2015

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Death Metal
post Metal, down tempo, hardcore
Extreme Metal
Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Death Metal
Death Metal
Death Metal
Brutal Death, Grind
Hardcore, Metal, Punk with a heavy New York Attitude
Grindcore, Death Metal
Epic Doom Metal
Death Metal
Horror Metal
Modern Death Metal
Death Metal Progressive Grind
Death Metal
Death Metal, Technical Metal, Progressive Metal
Technical Death Metal
Progressive Brutal Death Metal
Black Metal
Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Brutal Death Grind
Metal, Hardcore, Death Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Doom/Death Metal
Thrash Metal
Alternative Metal, Dream Rock, Post-Black Metal
Death, Black Metal
Crossover Thrash, Hardcore Punk
Black Metal
Metal, Rock, Progressive
Black Metal
Sumerian Thrashing Black Metal, Mesopotamian Metal
Djent, Groove, Ambient,Instrumental
Progressive Metal, Experimental Groove
Grindcore, Metal
Progressive, extreme, melodic Metal
Thrash Metal
Thrash Metal
80's Dark Synth Music
Ritual Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Primordial Metal
Metal, Punk, Hardcore
Aliencore, True Death Metal
Metal, Hardcore, Noise
Metal, Hardcore, Thrash
Funeral Doom Metal
Atmospheric Rock 'N Roll
GrindCore Gore Grind
Death Metal, Metal
Mathcore, Metal, Hardcore, Progressive, Experimental, Rock, Avant-Garde
Thrash Metal, Punk
Darkness and diversity
Death Metal
Hardcore, Metal, Rock
Hardcore, Punk, Rock and Roll

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