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Wednesday 16 August > Saturday 19 August 2017
Event's website : : Brutal Assault 2017

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Czech Republic

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(60 bands) :
      The Lurking Fear


  Czech Republic

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Brutal Assault 2017
Brutal Assault 2017

Band's detail

Progressive Metal
Slavic Pagan, Folk Metal
Hardcore, Metal
Black metal
Blues, Hardcore
Technical Death Metal
Death Metal
Progressive Rock, Metal and a whole lot more
Doom Metal, Sludge Metal, Stoner Metal
Folk Metal
Atmospheric Metal
Grindcore, Death Metal, Hardcore
Death Metal
Death Metal
gore n roll
Death/Black Metal
Black Metal
Heavy Metal
Death Metal, Doom Metal
Thrash Metal
Technical Death Metal
Progressive, Metalcore
Progressive Rock, Metal
Metal, Industrial, Hardcore
Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Metal
Black, Dark, Metal
Blackened Death Metal
Death/Doom Metal
Grindcore, Death Metal, Powerviolence, Sludge, Crust, Black Metal
Metalcore, Post-Hardcore
      The Lurking Fear
Black Metal
Hardcore, Metal
Hardcore, Metal, Rock

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