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Wednesday 8 August > Saturday 11 August 2018
Event's website : : Brutal Assault 2018

Czech Republic Czech Republic

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Brutal Assault 2018
Brutal Assault 2018

Band's detail

Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Black Metal, Death Metal
Heavy Metal
Death Metal
Black Metal, Death Metal
Death Metal
      Blood Incantation
Black, Death
Grindcore, Death Metal
Modern Death Metal
Black Metal
Hardcore, Metal, BlackMetal
Folk Metal
Death Metal
Black Metal
Death Metal
Thrash/Groove Metal
grinding Death in the form of hardcore punk
Death Metal
Apocalyptic Death-rock
Hard rock, psychedelic rock, blues rock
Black Metal
80s oldschool Thrash Metal
Black-prog Metal
Slamming Death Metal
Black Metal
Black Metal
Industrial Metal
Death Metal
Alternative rock, Industrial
Occult, Sci-Fi Technical Death Metal
Dark Metal
Industrial Metal
Gothic Metal
80's Dark Synth Music
Death Metal
Prog instrumental
Death Metal
Doom, Stoner Rock, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Punk Hardcore
Thrash Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Black Metal
Death Metal
Noise Rock
      Whoredom Rife
Black Metal

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