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Friday 9 August > Saturday 10 August 2019
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Honkalantie 12, Kotka
Finland Finland

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Dark River Festival
Dark River Festival



Finland’s most spontaneous, individual and sympathetic Rock festival takes place 9.-10.8.2019 in Kotka, Finland. Followed by last August’s attendance record, “miniature-Nummirock” is again pleased to invite all the hard rock and metal enthusiasts into woods of Honkala for the most heartwarming summer’s end celebration.

Saturday’s headliner is the hardest working man in metal, mid 90’s Iron Maiden -singer Blaze Bayley. Following the Maiden -years, to this day Bayley has been driving his solo -career and released 9 studio albums, such as the critical acclaimed “Infinite Entanglement” -trilogy. Next summer’s performance is titled “25th anniversary Iron Maiden -setlist”, so metal party like none other can be expected!

Also confirmed for Saturday is finnish-sung alternative rock band Sara, melodic heavy rockers Leverage, Finland's Best KISS tributeband Paul Stanley Boozing society, British Heavy Metal -machine Absolva (featuring members of Iced Earth & Blaze Bayley) plus local heavy-hitters Donner and Itämeri Yhtye.

During the years Sara’s unique sound has developed especially into electronic direction, and just released new album “Summa” took Sara more dark ja harsh paths than few previous releases. Kaooszine -webzine gave Sara credit for stylish transformation and named “Summa” a great soundtrack for autumn-times, while Soundi -magazine compared Sara’s musical development to Deftones’ artistic ambition.

Saturday’s Tent -stage act's are Iced Earth- and Absolva -axeman Luke Appleton’s acoustic versions of all time Metal favourites and familiar Kotka-visitor Siikamäki & Kurki Duo.

Wrapping up Friday night are the folk metal warriors Ensiferum, who’s ever growing success around the world has assured their high absence in the Finnish concert -stages. We’re more than happy to welcome them to the Dark River! More than 20 year old band, that is actually again on the road across the Europe, managed to convince the friends of the folk metal genre already with their second album “Iron” back in 2004. To this day Ensiferum is considered one of the most influential folk metal band in the world.

Melodic death metal veteran Omnium Gatherum is also rare visitor on the homeland soil, and did actually just arrive from their latest US -tour. The forthcoming gig marks band’s first concert at their home town in several years. The brainchild of Markus Vanhala, also known for his achievements with fellowband Insomnium, released it’s eighth album, critically acclaimed “The Burning Cold” last august.

Other bands confirmed for Friday are symphonic death metal group Brymir that is in the middle of works for their third album, one of the most vicious folk metal newcomers Frosttide, organic death metal maelstrom Torchia and death/doom -hybrid Ghost Brigade’s possible crown prince Marianas Rest hailing from Kotka. Friday's Tent stage -acts are Vanhala & Aalto plays HIM and Lily Wanderlust Burlesque -show.

Daily schedules will be announced as soon as possible.

Prepaid Ticket: 2 days 40€, 1 day 25€
Gate Ticket: 2 days 45€, 1 day 30€

Buy a ticket: https://www.tiketti.fi/dark-river-festival-2019-honka…/58630

Dark River Festival



Omnium Gatherum
Marianas Rest
Vanhala & Aalto - Greatest Acoustic Covers - vol.666
Lily Wanderlust Burlesque


Official Blaze Bayley
PSBS - Paul Stanley Boozing Society - Kiss Tribute
Itämeri Yhtye
Luke Appleton
Siikamäki & Kurki - SMK

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Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Melodic folk metal
      Itämeri Yhtye
      Luke Appleton
Death Metal
Alternative Rock

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