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Thursday 13 July > Sunday 16 July 2017
Event's website : : Devilstone Open Air 2017

Lithuania Lithuania

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Devilstone Open Air 2017
Devilstone Open Air 2017

Band's detail

      Antonio Risque
Black Metal
Death Metal
Thrash Metal
Thrash Metal
Apocalyptic Death-rock
Hard rock, psychedelic rock, blues rock
Metal, Hardcore, Death Metal
      Indian Askin
      Kapitan Korsakov
      Local Blood
Black Metal, Space Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental
Thrash Metal
      Please The Trees
      Pretty Vicious
post-Metal, post-rock, ambient, shoegaze, instrumental
      Solo Ansamblis
Atmospheric Rock 'N Roll
      Soviet Soviet
      Tall Ships
      The Amazons
Rock, Metal, Alternative
Rock-infused Progressive Black Metal
Black Metal

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