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Presented by : Fall of Summer Festival

Friday 4 September > Saturday 5 September 2015
Presale : 76€ EUR  
Event's website : : Fall of Summer 2015

Base de plein air de Vaires
Route de Lagny, 77200 Torcy
Ile de France, France France

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Fall of Summer 2015
Fall of Summer 2015


Fall of Summer 2015 - Map

Fall of Summer 2015 - Running Order

Fall of Summer 2015 - Restauration

Band's detail

Black Metal
Technical Thrash Metal
Black-prog Metal
Heavy Metal
Black Death
Death Metal
Doom, Stoner
Epic Doom Metal
Black, Death, Thrash
Thrash Metal
Thrash, Razor Metal, New Wave Of Irish Ripping Metal
Death/Doom Metal
Black Metal
Heavy Metal
Technical Death Metal
Death Metal, Grindcore
Metal, Rock, Thrash
New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
Death Metal
avantgarde Death Metal
Black/Death Metal
Darkness and diversity
Black Metal

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