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Saturday 6 October > Sunday 7 October 2018
Event's website : : Force Fest 2018

Campo De Golf Teotihuacan
Mexico Mexico

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Force Fest 2018
Force Fest 2018

Band's detail

Thrash Metal
      Above The Blue
Hardcore Punk
Rock, Alternative, Grunge
      Anna Fiori
Thrash metal
Heavy Metal
      Bestia Maria
      Black Dog Prowl
      Black Overdrive
Death Metal
      Charlie Montana
Punk Hardcore
      Critical Assembly
Rock, Metal
      Daron Malakian
Rock &, Heavy Metal
      Devil Driver
      Diabla Inc
Thrash Metal
Metal, Hardcore
      Haragán Y Cía.
      In Veils
      Ines Chavez
      Las Poker
      Liran Roll
      Los Malavibra
      Los Viejos
      Magestic Downfall
      May Sunday
Punk Rock Melo
      Never Again
Punk Rock
      Nunca Digas Muerte
      Obey The Moon
Death Metal
Groove Metal / Sludge
      Raped God 666
      Rey Toro
Punk, Rock, Screamo
Glam metal
      Strike Master
Thrash Metal
      The Antichrist
Alternative Rock
      The Warning
      Under Threat
Death Metal
      Winter Heaven

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