Saturday 28 September 2019
Event's website : : Heavy Metal Titans II

Neustiftgasse 116-118, 1070 Wien / Vienna
Wien, Austria Austria

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Heavy Metal Titans II
Heavy Metal Titans II


The second edition of the Heavy Metal Titans festival
will take place in Vienna, Austria on 28 September 2019!
Admission free!
3 Classic Heavy Metal cult bands from 3 different countries will be performing at the club
Neustiftgasse 116-118
1070 Wien (Vienna)
on 28 September 2019, start: 20:20 (8:20 p.m.)
You can look forward to breathtaking live shows of the following 3 Classic Heavy Metal titans:
- ROADWOLF (Austria, opening act)
- MARTYR (The Netherlands, headlining act)

The festival starts at 8:20 pm with the Austrian opener ROADWOLF with fast-paced Power Street Rock, in-your-face-riffs, catchy hook lines and Old School Heavy Metal full of energy.  This wolf pack which was founded in 2012 had already gigs with bands like LIZZY BORDEN, VICIOUS RUMORS, SKULL FIST, ENFORCER or NIGHT DEMON. In 2014, ROADWOLF played at Wacken Open Air in Germany! In 2020, you can expect a full-length-follow-up to their EP 'Never surrender'.
Video for the song: "Condemned To Rock":

TARCHON FIST from /Italy is a really electrifying "stage burner" band (formed in 2005) and is known for moving the mass and igniting the best 8will enter the stage. This electrifying “stage burner” band (formed in 2005) is known for moving the mass and igniting the greatest 80’s Heavy Metal party feeling! With TARCHON FIST you can expect diversified classic “stainless steel” with enthralling earworm-hymns, rousing twin guitar melodies and the outstanding singing of the Italian vocalist Mirco Ramondo, whose excellent vocal range and charismatic expression has often been compared with the IRON MAIDEN front man Bruce Dickinson. TARCHON FIST already shared the stage with many famous bands, such as GIRLSCHOOL, TOKYO BLADE, HELSTAR, TYGERS OF PAN TANG, MANILLA ROAD, CLOVEN HOOF, FREEDOM CALL, SCANNER or THE UNITY. In 2018, TARCHON FIST performed at the Wacken Open Air in Germany! This year, the band released the 4th full-length album titled "Apocalypse" 

Here you can watch the new video for the TARCHON FIST song
"Proud To Be Dinosaurs" (Album: Apocalypse, 2019)

Headliner of the Heavy Metal Titans II festival night will be MARTYR from the Netherlands, founded in 1982 ! (True 80's!)
Their weighty double bass attacks will make the stage ground shake. With the inexorable power of a steam roller their traditional 80’s Heavy Metal with Thrash Metal aggressiveness and diverse ingredients mixed of NWOBHM, Speed Metal, Power Metal, U.S. Metal and Doom Metal will engrave MARTYR’s signature into the stage floor and will make you bang your head as hard as you can.
This "Full House" from the Netherlands already had concerts with bands like LIZZY BORDEN, FLOTSAM & JETSAM, VICIOUS RUMORS, JAGUAR or EVERGREY and performed as headliner as well very often.

MARTYR can convince by breath-taking diversity, high technical skills, brilliant twin guitar playing, racing, razor-sharp riffs, a rough wilderness in their sound, strong, engaging melodies and a gruff, incantatory way of singing with a remarkable transformation ability. This is why MARTYR can fascinate fans of e.g. GRAVE DIGGER, METALLICA and QUEENSRYCHE.

MARTYR have succeeded in casting their spell even over Japan, - demonstrated in their new release MARTYR - Live in Japan.

Here you can wath the video for the song "Into The Darkest Of All Realms" (Album: "You Are Next", 2016)

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