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Monday 11 July > Sunday 17 July 2011
Presale : 129€ EUR  
Event's website : : Metalcamp 2011

Slovenia Slovenia

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Metalcamp 2011
Metalcamp 2011

Band's detail

Hard Rock
Pirate Metal
Progressive Metal
Pure Fucking Metal
Slavic Pagan, Folk Metal
Progressive Power Metal
Power Metal
Grindcore, Death Metal
Power, Melodic Death Metal
Thrash Metal
Death Metal
Doom, Death Metal
Black Metal
      Heaven´s Grey
Black Metal
Mittelalter-Metal, Rock,
Forging the steel with Power, Heavy Metal
Doom/Death Metal
Thrash Metal
Rock, Metal, Psych, Punk, Indie, Misc., Etc.
Melo-Death Metal
Dark Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Death Metal, Progressive, Metal
Old School Black Thrash Metal
      Ritam Nereda
Symphonic Metal
      Siege Of Cirrah
Thrash Metal
Thrash Metal
Helnorsk SvartMetall
Post Metal
      The Scourge
True Norwegian Balkan Metal
Hard Rock
Symphonic Metal
Progressive Metal
Black Metal

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