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Sunday 23 July > Saturday 29 July 2017
Event's website : : Metaldays 2017

Slovenia Slovenia

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Metaldays 2017
Metaldays 2017

Band's detail

Melodic Death Metal
Suicide Rock
Progressive Rock, Metal
Black Metal
Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal
Black metal
Death Metal
Death Metal
Blues, Rock, Soul
      Burn Fuse
Hardcore Punk
Death, Doom Metal
Thrash Metal
Dark rock
Heavy Metal
      Ebony Archways
German Epic Metal
Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
      Fallen Tyrant
Death Metal
Black Metal
Death Metal
      For I Am A King
Progressive, Technical Death Metal
Heavy Metal
Alternativ, Rock
gore n roll
Metal, Hardcore, Death Metal
      In The Crossfire
      Infected Chaos
Hard Rock
Heavy Metal
Doom/Death Metal
Hard Rock, Metal
Brutal Death
Braindead Thrash Metal
Death/Thrash Metal
Progressive Death Metal
Thrash Metal
      Myriad Lights
Folk Metal
Melodic/Progressive Death Metal
France Nord
Pyché Rock, Electro, Post-rock, Jazz-rock
Death Metal
Industrial Metal
      Pain Is
Progressive Death Metal
      Rapid Force
      Reverend Hound
Modern Metal
      Seven Spires
Extreme Metal
      Shot Down
Death Metal
      Snake Eater
      Sober Assault
Atmospheric Rock 'N Roll
Blackened Death Metal
Thrash Metal
      The Black Court
Gothic Doom Metal
      The Great Discord
Heavy Metal
Black, Death Melodique
NWOBHM, Black Metal, Speed Metal
Symphonic Metal
Technical Death Metal
Symphonic Metal

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