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Thursday 14 July > Saturday 16 July 2016
Event's website : : Rock Fest 2016

Wisconsin, United States United States

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Rock Fest 2016
Rock Fest 2016

Band's detail

Rock, Alternative, Grunge
      3 Pill Morning
      Bad Remedy
      Beyond Threshold
      Bridge To Grace
      Cold Kingdom
Hard Rock
      Electric Eye
      Emissary Echo
      Fatal Kaliber
Heavy Metal
Hip Hop, Rock, Metal
Rock, Metal, Alternative
      Led Zeppelin 2
Hard Rock
      Maiden Minneapolis
Suicide Rock
Rock, Progressive, Alternative
      Oblivious Signal
Metal, Rock, Hard Rock
Alternative, Rock
Punk Rock
      Scott Stapp
      Seven Days Lost
      Smiling Politely
      Stitched Up Heart
      The Blackfires
Rock, Alternative
Rock 'n' Roll
      Who's Who

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