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Thursday 12 July > Saturday 14 July 2018
Event's website : : Rock Fest 2018

Wisconsin, United States United States

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Rock Fest 2018
Rock Fest 2018

Band's detail

Alternative Metal, Nu Metal
      Amerakin Overdose
Party Metal, Rock &, Roll
Metalcore / Punk Hardcore
      Benjamin Raye Band
      Beyond Threshold
Metal, Rock
      Black Rainbow
      Blacklite District
      Cowboys From Hell
      Crashing Atlas
      Dead Girls Academy
      Deadset Society
Rock &, Heavy Metal
      Emissary Echo
      Filthy Sweet
Metal, Rock
Thrash metal
Hard Rock
      Hammer Down Hard
      Maiden Minneapolis
      Maryann Cotton
Rock, Progressive, Alternative
      Old Voltage
Punk Rock
      Scattered Hamlet
      Shallow Side
American Hard Rock
      Smiling Politely
Hard Rock, Metal
      Standing Alliance
      Strate Jak It
      The Cragers
      The Goodbars
      The Ozzbournes
Heavy Metal / Thrash / Metalcore
Rock 'n' Roll