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Friday 29 May > Sunday 31 May 2015
Presale : 169€ EUR  
Event's website : : Rock im Revier 2015

Veltins Arena
Arenaring 1, 45891 Gelsenkirchen

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Poster / Flyer

Rock im Revier 2015
Rock im Revier 2015


Old name : Der Ring - Grüne Hölle Rock 2015
Old place : Nürburgring

Message from the official facebook   (April 2, 2015): "Dear Fans,

Unfortunately there have been irreconcilable differences with our partner, capricorn Nürburgring GmbH. Since we have not been able to reach an agreement, we have decided to move to the Arena at Schalke. At this proven location many bands have already written Rock history, and we will fire up the audience in Gelsenkirchen under a new flag with “Rock im Revier” from May 29 to May 31, 2015. Some of you will certainly be pleased, others will be sad and disappointed – however, we are happy that we have been able to save the festival and that it can still be staged after all that happened!

If you have already bought tickets for Green Hell and now want to rock at Schalke with Metallica, Muse, KISS und Co., your tickets remain valid for the interior area, i.e. the best places. It is also possible that you exchange your Green Hell ticket for a ticket for Rockavaria or Rock in Vienna or to return them to the advance sales office where you bought them. 

Further information and schedules will be published next week prior to the start of advance sales for Rock im Revier on April 9. Camping grounds will be available for you. We’ve got our hands full over Easter and will get back to you time and again after Easter with updates and answer your questions. 

Kind regards

Your Rock im Revier Team"


Rock im Revier 2015 - Map

Rock im Revier 2015 - Camping Map

Rock im Revier 2015 - Map 2

Rock im Revier 2015 - Camping Map 2

Rock im Revier 2015 - Running Order 1 - FREITAG

Rock im Revier 2015 - Running Order 2 - SAMSTAG

Rock im Revier 2015 - Running Order 3 - SONNTAG

Rock im Revier 2015 - New Running Order / Spielplan

Band's detail

Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Thrash Metal
Alternative rock
Hard Rock
Rock, Experimental, Alternative
Symphonic Metal
Punk, Rock
Rock, Alternative
Technical Death Metal
Hardcore, Punk
Avant-garde Metal, Progressive Metal
Rock, Gothic, Elektro
Symphonic Metal
Thrash Metal
Alternative Metal, experimental rock
Heavy Metal
Death Metal
Apocalyptic Death-rock
Doom, Sludge Metal, Metalcore
Metal, Hard Rock
Punk, Hardcore, Rock
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal
Thrash Metal
Nu Metal, RapCore, Alternative Hip Hop, Rock Rap
Punk, Reggae, Ska, Dixieland Rock
Experimental Metal
Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Doom Rock, Heavy Metal
Gothic Metal
Cinematic Rock
Punk hardcore, Metalcore
Doom, Stoner Rock, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Thrash Metal
Glam Metal
Rock 'n' Roll
Garage rock, Garage punk
Alternative, Rock, Blues
Streetpunk, Streetcore
Rock/Alternative/Classic Rock
Rock, Metal, Alternative
Punk Rock
Symphonic Rock

Accommodation in the area

Courtyard by Marriott Gelsenkirchen

Parkallee 3

Price from 85.06 EUR

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Courtyard by Marriott Gelsenkirchen

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