Friday 26 February 2016 20h00
At the show : 5€ EUR
Event's website : : Toby driver+ Häshcut+L'oeil

Le Bocal
48 rue Gaston Lamy, 14120 Mondeville
Basse Normandie,

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Toby driver+ Häshcut+L'oeil
Toby driver+ Häshcut+L'oeil


Après la destruction désomais effective, très observable, des lieux de concerts de L'étourneur, l'association organise des soirées au Bocal (comme une évidence...)! Celle-ci sera la première d'une liste qui sera sans doute longue. Trois groupe/artistes, à boire, à manger, 5 euros à l'entrée! Le Tiercé dans le désordre :

Häshcut (Caen/ psychedelic doom)

description extraite du site du groupe (que l'on ne présente plus!!)
Häshcut is a French four-piece D.I.Y. psychedelic doom band originating from Caen, Lower-Normandy. The band members are Paul Martin (bass, keyboards), Raphaël Martin (vocals, guitar), Tiphaine Moreau (drums, percussion), and Xavier Müller (guitar, keyboards). They like to describe themselves as "A mix-up between Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd". Häshcut incorporates a wide range of genres, such as noise rock, kraut rock, shoegaze, and post-punk. Moreover, it choses to experience its music beyond the traditional "doom attitude and lyrics". The lyrics delve into topics like wasted youth, social vampires, absurdity of life, near death experience, and future drugs, amongst others. Since 2013, Häshcut has performed semi-acoustic gigs and experiments with folk music and pop elements.

L'oeillere ( Bruxelles/ Guitare Classique barbare)

Un homme qui joue de la guitare comme un fou, créateur d'ambiances et de sons de toutes les couleurs. L'oeillère fait dans l'expériemental envoutant!’illère-169285733170791/timeline/

(le bandcamp renvoie à autre chose)

Toby Driver ( US/ Dark progressive neo folk)

Toby Driver is best known as the frontman and mastermind of the avant-goth band, Kayo Dot (ex-maudlin of the Well), and bassist of the Pythagorean prog wizards, Secret Chiefs 3 (ex-Mr. Bungle). In the past decade, he has masterfully explored the limitlessness of music, from weird metal to beautiful post-rock, from austere ballads to tripped-out 70s fusion and beyond, working alongside the likes of modern geniuses such as John Zorn, Trey Spruance (ex-Mr. Bungle, Faith No More), Mario Diaz de Leon (Oneirogen), and Jeremiah Cymerman. As a solo performer, on guitar, keyboard, and voice, Driver has been exploring dark, austere neofolk akin to Grouper, Michael Gira, Wooden Wand, and others, with a subtle progressive and unsettling edge.

On this tour, Driver will be joined by Keith Abrams (Kayo Dot) on drums and Nick Hudson (Academy of Sun) on organ.

Nick Hudson (b. 1981) has already produced a vast wealth of music, weaving densely-textured arrangements into a truly epic sound, encompassing progressive rock, modern composition, jazz, lo-fi pop, folk and outright psychedelia. Collaborations have featured Asva, Hexenverfolgung, Ekca Liena, members of Kayo Dot, and David Tibet (Current 93), Michael Salerno

Band's detail

      Toby Driver

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