Xtreme Fest

Creation date : 2013
Number of editions in the schedule : 6
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2017 Abbath - Carcass
2016 Exodus - Ministry - Testament
2015 Behemoth - Black Label Society - Ensiferum
2014 Gojira - Nofx - Obituary
2013 Comeback Kid - Suicidal Tendencies
Frequent bands

Comeback Kid 3
Rise Of The Northstar 3
7 Weeks 2
A Wilhelm Scream 2
Alea Jacta Est 2
Black Knives 2


Xtreme Fest 2018
Xtreme Fest 2018
02/08/2018 - 05/08/2018
   35 bands      
Le Garric, France

Xtreme Fest 2017
Xtreme Fest 2017
28/07/2017 - 30/07/2017
   32 bands
Albi, France

Xtreme Fest 2016
Xtreme Fest 2016
29/07/2016 - 31/07/2016
   94€ EUR   39 bands      
Albi, France

Xtreme Fest 2015
Xtreme Fest 2015
17/07/2015 - 19/07/2015
   85€ EUR   36 bands
Albi, France

Xtreme Fest 2014
Xtreme Fest 2014
01/08/2014 - 03/08/2014
   93.5€ EUR   41 bands      
Albi, France

Xtreme Fest 2013
Xtreme Fest 2013
03/08/2013 - 04/08/2013
   50€ EUR   22 bands      
Le Garric, France

list of bands who played at this festival (184)

7 Weeks 2016, 2015Rock
7seconds 2015
A Wilhelm Scream 2016, 2014Melodic Hardcore Punk
Abbath 2017Black Metal
Aborted 2014Death Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore
Adolescents 2018
Adrenalized 2015Fast Melodic Hardcore
Alea Jacta Est 2016, 2014Hardcore
Andreas & Nicolas 2016Super Chanson
Angelus Apatrida 2014Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Authority Zero 2014
Bad Cop Bad Cop 2018Punk
Bane 2014Hardcore
Behemoth 2015Black Metal, Death Metal
Belvedere 2013
Benighted 2014Brutal Death, Grind
Berri Txarrak 2014Rock
Bias 2016
Biohazard 2014Hardcore, Metal, Punk with a heavy New York Attitude
Birds In Row 2015Blues, Hardcore
Black Bomb A 2015Punk Metal Hardcore
Black Knives 2018, 2014Explosive Metallic hardcore
Black Label Society 2015Metal, Rock
Black March 2015Black Metal
Black Mountain Bastards 2018Hardcore, Thrash, Crossover
Blowfuse 2016Punk Rock
Booze & Glory 2018Street Punk
Booze Brothers 2018Irish Trad Punk
Broken Teeth 2018Hardcore
Burning Heads 2015Punk Rock
Cannibal Corpse 2015Death Metal
Carcass 2017, 2016
Carnifex 2015Modern Death Metal
Cj Ramone 2016Punk
Clowns 2017
Cobra 2015
Comeback Kid 2018, 2015, 2013Hardcore, Punk
Conan 2016Caveman Battle Doom
Confusion 2014
Converge 2018, 2014
Cranks 2016Heavy Metal, Glam Hard Rock
Criswell 2018
D.r.i. 2015
Dagoba 2013Groove/Industrial Metal
Dead Kennedys 2018
Deep In Hate 2016Dark Oppressive Modern Death Metal
Deluge 2017Black Metal
Der Weg Einer Freiheit 2017Extreme Metal
Dirty Fonzy 2014
Dirty Wheels 2016Hardcore
Drawers 2013
Dying Fetus 2013Death Metal
Eluveitie 2016Folk Metal
Ensiferum 2015Melodic folk metal
Evilness 2015
Exodus 2016Thrash Metal
Face To Face 2017
Fatty Shorty Ramone 2017
Fleshdoll 2016Death Metal
Forus 2015Skatecore, Punk, Progressive
Gasmoney 2013
Gbh 2016Punk Rock
Get Dead 2017, 2015Punk Rock
Get The Shot 2018Hardcore, Thrash Metal
Giuda 2018
Gojira 2014Death Metal
Good Riddance 2017Hardcore
Gorod 2013Death Metal, Progressive
Guillotine 2017
Hatebreed 2018, 2013Hardcore, Metal, Punk
Hatesphere 2017Thrash Death Metal
Havok 2014Thrash Metal
Heavy Heart 2017
Homesick 2014
Houba 2018
Hypocondriax 2018Punk Hardcore
In Other Climes 2016Heavy Thrash Hardcore
Infest 2015Grindcore
Inlandsys 2016
Insanity Alert 2018Thrash Metal
Iron Reagan 2015Hardcore, Punk, Metal
Jack Move 2014
Justin(e) 2014Punk Rock
Kadavar 2017Hard Rock
Kings Of Nothing 2016
Lagwagon 2014
Lasting Values 2014
Le Bal Des Enrages 2016
Legitime Defonce 2013
Les Sheriff 2014Punk Rock
Lofofora 2016Rock, Metal, Fusion, Punk hardcore
Loudblast 2016Death Metal
M.O.D. 2015Crossover Thrash, Hardcore Punk
Malevolence 2018
Mars Red Sky 2017Psychedelic Stoner Rock
Mass Hysteria 2017Metal, Rock, Electro
Max & Iggor Cavalera 2017
Mekaora 2017Metal Mollé
Miles To Go 2014
Millencolin 2018Punkrock
Ministry 2016Industrial Metal
Misanthrope 2016Extreme French Avant-Garde Grandiose Metal
Municipal Waste 2018, 2013
Mute 2018Punk Rock
Napalm Death 2016Grindcore, Metal
Nashville Pussy 2018
Necrocult 2013Black / Death Metal
Nightwatchers 2018Punk
No Guts No Glory 2013
Nofx 2014Punk Rock
Nolentia 2013
Nostromo 2017Grindcore Mathcore
Not On Tour 2017
Not Scientists 2016Punk Rock, Indie
Obituary 2014Florida Death Metal
Oldskull 2015
Opium Du Peuple 2018, 2015Punk
Pears 2017Punk, Hardcore
Pennywise 2017Punk
Pogo Car Crash Control 2018Rock
Psykup 2015Metal
Punish Yourself 2018
Raised Fist 2014Hardcore, Metal, Punk
Raw Justice 2014Hardcore
Real Deal 2014
Red Fang 2014Rock
Regarde Les Hommes Tomber 2016Sludge Apocalypse
Riff Tanen 2015
Rise Of The Northstar 2018, 2016, 2015Punk hardcore, Metalcore
Risk It 2018Hardcore
Satanic Surfers 2015Punk Rock
Septicflesh 2017Symphonic Death Metal
Shut Up ! Twist Again ! 2017
Siberian Meat Grinder 2017Crossover Thrash
Sick Of It All 2014Hardcore
Sidilarsen 2017Dancefloor Metal
Smoke Deluxe 2014
Sons Of Buddha 2014
Spirits 2018Hardcore, Punk
Sticky Boys 2015Rock'n'Roll
Stinky 2017, 2016Punk, Hardcore
Straightaway 2014Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore
Street Dogs 2013
Stride Against Lies 2013
Strike Anywhere 2016Punk, Hardcore
Strung Out 2015
Suffocation 2014
Suicidal Tendencies 2013Punk
Supremacy 2015Thrash Metal
Svetlanas 2018Thrashcore
Ta Gueule 2015
Tagada Jones 2014Punk, Hardcore, Metal
Teenage Bottlerocket 2017
Tempt Fate 2016Metal
Ten Years Too Late 2017
Terror 2018, 2015Hardcore
Terror Shark 2017
Testament 2016Thrash Metal
The Adicts 2018Punk Power Rock
The Black Zombie Procession 2014
The Briefs 2018Punk
The Dead Krazukies 2016, 2014Punk Rock
The Decline 2016, 2013Punk Rock Folk
The Dwarves 2016
The Exploited 2015Punk Rock
The Great Divide 2014
The Killmisters 2016
The Money Makers 2018
The Real Mckenzies 2016, 2014Celtic Punk
This Is Standoff 2018Punk
This Life 2013
Through My Eyes 2014
Thundermother 2017Rock'n'Roll
Toundra 2015
Toxic Holocaust 2015Thrash Metal, Punk
Toy Dolls 2013
Trashnasty 2013
Trepalium 2013Groove, Death Metal, Prog
Trollfest 2016True Norwegian Balkan Metal
Ultra Vomit 2017Metal parodique
Uncommonmenfrommars 2013
Woodwork 2014Hardcore
X-or 2016, 2015
Youth Avoider 2014