At ROCKAVARIA the last weekend of May, all fans of heavy music will find their sound: from classical Metal to Crossover, from Doom to Thrash, from Hard Rock to Stoner. The Festival at the Munich Olympic Park boasts a top-class, full-tilt program with big names, Underground bands and the new hot bands of the scene.

Creation date : 2015
Number of editions in the schedule : 3
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2018 Die Toten Hosen - Iron Maiden
2016 Iggy Pop - Iron Maiden - Nightwish
2015 Kiss - Metallica - Muse
Frequent bands

Beyond The Black 2
Gojira 2
Iron Maiden 2
Limp Bizkit 2


Rockavaria Festival 2018
Rockavaria Festival 2018
09/06/2018 - 10/06/2018
   20 bands   
München, Germany

Rockavaria Festival 2016
Rockavaria Festival 2016
27/05/2016 - 29/05/2016
   159€ EUR   44 bands      
München, Germany

Rockavaria Festival 2015
Rockavaria Festival 2015
29/05/2015 - 31/05/2015
   169€ EUR   66 bands      
München, Germany

list of bands who played at this festival (123)

Accept 2015Metal
Agent Fresco 2016Rock
Airbourne 2015Hard Rock
Anathema 2015Rock, Experimental, Alternative
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead 2015Rock
Anthrax 2016Thrash metal
Anti-Flag 2015
Any Given Day 2015Metal
Apocalyptica 2016Rock, Metal, Classical
Arcane Roots 2015Rock
Arch Enemy 2018Pure Fucking Metal
Babymetal 2015
Betontod 2016Punk, Rock, Metal
Beyond The Black 2016, 2015Symphonic Metal
Blaas Of Glory 2018
Black Map 2015
Black Tongue 2015Doomcore
Black Vulpine 2016Stoner, Rock
Blackberry Smoke 2015Southern Rock, Country
Blitz Kids 2015Punk, Rock
Bonaparte 2015Rock
Brant Bjork 2015
Chevelle 2015Rock, Alternative
Decapitated 2015Technical Death Metal
Deez Nuts 2015Hardcore, Punk
Die Toten Hosen 2018Punkrock
Dir En Grey 2015Rock
Dog Eat Dog 2016hardcore punk, rap metal, hip hop
Donots 2018Punk rock, pop punk
Dr. Living Dead 2015
Dragonforce 2018Metal
Drunken Swallows 2018Punkrock
Dust Bolt 2016Thrash Metal
Eisbrecher 2015Rock, Gothic, Elektro
Eluveitie 2018Folk Metal
Emil Bulls 2018Rock
Epica 2015Symphonic Metal
Eskimo Callboy 2015Electrocore
Eversin 2016
Exodus 2015Thrash Metal
Faith No More 2015Alternative Metal, experimental rock
Five Finger Death Punch 2015Heavy Metal
Gallows 2015
Garbage 2016Alt Rock
Ghost 2016Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Rock
Gojira 2016, 2015Death Metal
Gotthard 2016Hard Rock
Grave Pleasures 2015Apocalyptic Death-rock
Gutterdammerung 2016Rock Opera
Hang The Bastard 2015Doom, Sludge Metal, Metalcore
Hatebreed 2015Hardcore, Metal, Punk
Hellyeah 2015Metal, Hard Rock
Iggy Pop 2016Rock Legend
Ignite 2015Punk, Hardcore, Rock
In Extremo 2016Mittelalter-Metal, Rock,
Incubus 2015Rock
Inter Arma 2016Metal
Iron Maiden 2018, 2016Heavy Metal
Iron Walrus 2016Metal, Doom, Sludge, Noise,
J.B.O. 2016Metal, Rock'n'Roll
John Garcia 2016Rock
Johnny Gallagher 2018
Judas Priest 2015Heavy Metal
Kadavar 2016Hard Rock
Kanzler&Soehne 2016Crossover
Killswitch Engage 2018
Kiss 2015Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Kissin' Dynamite 2015Heavy Metal
Kreator 2015Thrash Metal
Kvelertak 2015Punk-Hardcore
La Dispute 2015
Limp Bizkit 2018, 2015Nu Metal, RapCore, Alternative Hip Hop, Rock Rap
Mad Caddies 2015Punk, Reggae, Ska, Dixieland Rock
Mando Diao 2016Indie Rock, Garage Rock
Mantar 2016Black Metal Doom Punk
Mark Tremonti 2016Rock, Metal, Alternative
Meshuggah 2015Experimental Metal
Metallica 2015Thrash Metal
Monuments 2018Progressive Metal, Experimental Groove
Mother's Cake 2016Rock, Psychedelic, Space
Muse 2015Rock
Nightwish 2016Metal, Rock, Symphonic
Orange Goblin 2015Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Orchid 2015Doom Rock, Heavy Metal
Paradise Lost 2015Gothic Metal
Poets Of The Fall 2015Cinematic Rock
Powerwolf 2016Heavy Metal
Prime Circle 2016Rock
Purson 2015
Raglans 2016Indie, Rock, Folk
Resist The Ocean 2016Metal, Hardcore
Rise Of The Northstar 2015Punk hardcore, Metalcore
Rose Tattoo 2018Hard Rock
Royal Republic 2018Rock
Sabaton 2016Power metal, Heavy metal
Saint Vitus 2015Doom, Stoner Rock, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Saltatio Mortis 2018Medieval metal
Serum 114 2016Punk Rock
Sick Of It All 2015Hardcore
Slayer 2016Thrash Metal
Sodom 2016Thrash Metal
Solstafir 2016Atmospheric Rock 'N Roll
Stick To Your Guns 2015Hardcore
Suicidal Tendencies 2016Punk
Testament 2015Thrash Metal
The Charm The Fury 2016Metal
The Darkness 2015Rock
The Dead Daisies 2015Rock 'n' Roll
The Hives 2015Garage rock, Garage punk
The Picturebooks 2015Alternative, Rock, Blues
The Raven Age 2018, 2016Melodic Groove Metal
The Shrine 2016Psychedelic Violence Rock and Roll
The Wild Lies 2016Metal, Hard Rock
Therapy? 2018
To The Rats And Wolves 2016Electro-/ Metalcore
Toxpack 2015Streetpunk, Streetcore
Triggerfinger 2015Rock/Alternative/Classic Rock
Truckfighters 2015Rock, Metal, Alternative
Turbobier 2018Rock
Turbonegro 2015Punk Rock
Tuxedoo 2018, 2016Original Austrian Alpencore
Unearth 2015Metalcore
Within Temptation 2015Symphonic Rock