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Wednesday 10 August > Saturday 13 August 2016
Event's website : : Brutal Assault 2016

Czech Republic Czech Republic

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Brutal Assault 2016 - Map

Brutal Assault 2016 - Running Order - Day 1

Brutal Assault 2016 - Running Order - Day 2

Brutal Assault 2016 - Running Order - Day 3

Brutal Assault 2016 - Running Order - Day 4

Band's detail

WebsiteFacebookYoutubeIndustrial Metal
WebsiteFacebookDeath Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore
Facebookgrindcore, electronic
Blackened Death Metal
WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutubePure Fucking Metal
WebsiteDeath Black Metal
WebsiteFacebookDoom Metal, Folk, Gothic
WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutubeTechnical Thrash Metal
WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutubeBlack Metal
WebsiteFacebookTwitterMelodic Death Metal
WebsiteFacebookThrash Metal
WebsiteFacebookIndustrial Rock, EBM, Groove Metal
FacebookBrutal Death
FacebookDeath Metal
FacebookDoom Metal, Sludge Metal, Stoner Metal
WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutubeThrash Metal
WebsiteFacebookTwitterSouthern Rock, Punk, Blues
WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutubeDeath Metal
FacebookDeath Metal
WebsiteFacebookPunk, Hardcore
WebsiteFacebookCinematographic Metal
WebsiteFacebookBlack-prog Metal
FacebookDeath Metal
FacebookExperimental music, progressive, Metal
WebsiteFacebookMelodic Death Metal
FacebookHardcore, Punk, Metal
FacebookProgressive Metal
      Lightning Bolt
WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutubeMetal, Rock, Progressive
FacebookBlack Emperor Doom
FacebookDark Metal
WebsiteFacebookRock, Experimental, Metal
WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutubeTechnical Death Metal
WebsiteFacebookTwitterFlorida Death Metal
WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutubeDeath Metal, Progressive, Metal
WebsiteFacebookDeath Metal
WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutubeMetal, Hardcore
FacebookProg instrumental
WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutubeBlack Metal
WebsiteFacebookSymphonic Death Metal
WebsiteFacebookExtreme Metal
FacebookBlack Metal
FacebookMetal, Southern Hard Rock, Rap
FacebookHelnorsk SvartMetall
FacebookPunk Hardcore
WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutubeProgressive, Groove, Experimental, Metal
FacebookMelodic Death Metal
FacebookBlack Metal
FacebookProgressive Thrash Metal
WebsiteFacebookNWOBHM, Black Metal, Speed Metal
WebsiteFacebookThrash, futurist, avant-garde, experimental metal
FacebookThrash Metal
FacebookHeavy Epicus shoegaze

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Brutal Assault

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