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Friday 21 June > Sunday 23 June 2019
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Kilkim Zaibu 2019
Kilkim Zaibu 2019


The biggest Baltic folk pagan extreme metal festival KILKIM ŽAIBU invites you!
The 20th edition of KILKIM ŽAIBU will take place on June 21 - 23 on the great Lukstas lakeside by the glare of pagan bonfires – where we will again celebrate the feast for 3 days and 3 nights in true Baltic style!
Festival goers already know what to expect – carefully selected both local and international metal music artists, Baltic folk music groups, ancient fight clubs and craftsmen, bonfires and songs until the very morning light.
There will be a special silent area for tents, and guarded car parking place. In near village there are shops and hotel. There are also plenty possibilities for physical activities – viking football, basketball, volleyball, boat and catamaran rent.

Band's detail

Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Folk Metal
Black, Dark, Metal
Stoned Doom
Black Metal
Death Thrash Metal
Death metal
Black, Death, Thrash
Black, Death
Nordic folk ambient
Black Metal
Hard rock
Historical club
Heavy metal, thrash metal
Black Metal, Thrash Metal
Black fucking Metal
Metal, Folk
tribute to Motörhead
Dark Metal
Pagan, Folk, Thrash, Black Metal
Folk metal
Lithuania Varingis
Historical club
Baltic pagan dark ambient
Melodic Black Metal

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