Wednesday 15 June > Friday 17 June 2022
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Parking E.Leclerc
Rte de Nantes, 44190 Clisson
Pays de la Loire - France France

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FacebookRock / Metal
FacebookMetalcore - Post-Metal
FacebookMetal Indus / Groove
WebsiteFacebookPost Punk
FacebookRock Alternatif
FacebookHeavy Black
FacebookMetalcore / Fusion
FacebookDeath Metal
FacebookHard Rock N Roll
WebsiteFacebookHeavy Metal
FacebookGuitares folk nerveuses
FacebookBlack Metal Jazz
Facebookprogressive rock
FacebookThrash Metal
WebsiteFacebookHard Rock
FacebookHeavy Metal
FacebookMelodic Death Metal
FacebookMetalcore Hybride
FacebookPunk rock
FacebookMetal indus
Facebooktribute to Rage Against The Machine
FacebookDeathcore, Metalcore
Facebookrock français
FacebookPunk folk
FacebookGroove Metal
FacebookHorror Metal
FacebookGroove, Death Metal
FacebookAlternative Rock
WebsiteFacebookRock, punk, grunge
WebsiteFacebookHard Rock
Facebookprogressive rock
FacebookPower Rock
FacebookStoner, Sludge, Hardcore
FacebookRock Fusion Metal
FacebookPost Black Metal

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