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Friday 23 June > Sunday 25 June 2017
Genre : Doom metal
Event's website : : Maryland Doom Fest 2017

Cafe 611
611 N Market St, 21701 Frederick
Maryland, United States United States

Poster / Flyer

Maryland Doom Fest 2017
Maryland Doom Fest 2017


A 3 day weekend of doom metal in its purest form.

Band's detail

      Black Manta
FacebookPsychedelic War Metal
      Black Tar Prophet
      Brimstone Coven
      Burn Thee Insects
      Captain Beyond
      Dark Music Theory
      Demon Eye
      Faith In Jane
      Hollow Leg
      Lifetime Shitlist
      Lightning Born
      Lo Pan
      Old Blood
      Sweet Heat
FacebookHeavy Rock, Metal, Doom
      The Watchers
      The Well
      Thonian Horde
WebsiteFacebookHeavy Rock, Metal,Traditional Doom
      War Injun
      Weed Is Weed
      Witches Of God

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