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Wednesday 3 July > Sunday 7 July 2019
Event's website : : Obscene Extreme 2019

Czech Republic Czech Republic

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Obscene Extreme 2019
Obscene Extreme 2019

Band's detail

Death Metal
Technical Brutal Death Metal
      Active Minds
Poolitical Goregrind
Brutal Death Metal
Thrash Xover
      Cruel Face
      Cryptic Void
      Fecal Addiction
      Final Flag
      Fleas And Lice
Punk Rock
Brutal Death Metal
Brutal Death Grind
      Holy Co$T
      How Long?
grindcore DeathMetal
Thrash Metal
      Mar De Rabia
Grindcore / Death Metal
Death Metal
      Mr Marcaille
      Nerve Grind
Death Metal
Death Metal
Death Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore-Funk, Surf
Death Grind
      Suffering Quota
      Telex 2019
      The Public
Himalayan Metal of Death
Goregrind, Death Metal
Hardcore, Punk, Rock, Thrash
Death Metal

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