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Wednesday 2 August > Saturday 5 August 2023
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Rockstadt Extreme Fest
Romania Romania

Poster / Flyer

Bands' List

alphabetical order

WebsiteFacebookThrash metal
WebsiteFacebookPunk Rock, Rock, Folk Rock
WebsiteFacebookAlternative Metal / Melodic Death Metal
WebsiteFacebookPirate Metal
WebsiteFacebookGroove Metal, Melodic Death Metal
FacebookDeath Metal
FacebookDeath Metal
FacebookDeathcore, Modern Metal
WebsiteFacebookSymphonic Metal
WebsiteFacebookBlack Metal
FacebookSludge, Stoner
FacebookDeath Metal
WebsiteFacebookExtreme Metal, Electro, Breakcore
WebsiteFacebookBlack Metal
FacebookBlack Metal
FacebookDeath Metal | Thrash Metal
WebsiteFacebookBlack Metal
WebsiteFacebookBlack Metal
WebsiteFacebookBlack Speed Metal
FacebookBlack Metal
WebsiteFacebookDeath Metal
Facebook80's Dark Synth Music
FacebookThrash Metal
FacebookAlternative Rock, Progressive Metalcore
WebsiteFacebookPost Metal
WebsiteFacebookGothic/Doom/Death/Black Metal
WebsiteFacebookHeavy Metal / Thrash / Metalcore
FacebookPsychedelic-Folk / Stoner Rock
WebsiteFacebookPost-Metal, Black Metal
WebsiteFacebookBlack Metal

Bands' detail

United States 17/01/2023 Boise
United States 18/01/2023 Seattle
Canada 20/01/2023 Vancouver
Canada 21/01/2023 Penticton
Canada 22/01/2023 Calgary
Canada 24/01/2023 Winnipeg

Netherlands 27/04/2023 Amsterdam
France 19/05/2023 Paris (Saint-Denis)
Germany 26/05/2023 Hamburg
Germany 02/06/2023 Nuremberg
Germany 02/06/2023 Nürburg
Austria 07/06/2023 Nickelsdorf

Dropkick Murphys
United Kingdom 13/01/2023 Belfast
Ireland 14/01/2023 Dublin
United Kingdom 16/01/2023 Newcastle Upon Tyne
United Kingdom 17/01/2023 Glasgow
United Kingdom 18/01/2023 Manchester
United Kingdom 20/01/2023 Cardiff