63315 events, including 2727 futur events, in 103 countries, with 28325 bands

Algeria4 events5 bands
Andorra3 bands
Angola1 event
Antarctica1 event
Argentina227 events24 bands
Armenia15 events3 bands
Australia1204 events211 bands
Austria978 events146 bands
Azerbaijan1 band
Bangladesh1 event1 band
Belarus59 events73 bands
Belgium1300 events537 bands
Bolivia12 events
Bosnia and Herzegovina15 events5 bands
Botswana8 events3 bands
Brazil552 events132 bands
Bulgaria67 events10 bands
Cambodia1 event
Canada2124 events274 bands
Chile125 events34 bands
China109 events12 bands
Colombia87 events25 bands
Costa Rica23 events10 bands
Croatia60 events27 bands
Cuba14 events3 bands
Cyprus6 events12 bands
Czech Republic589 events185 bands
Denmark515 events152 bands
Ecuador20 events3 bands
Egypt6 events10 bands
El Salvador7 events1 band
Estonia51 events17 bands
Faroe Islands1 event4 bands
Finland380 events288 bands
France16362 events5338 bands
Georgia8 events2 bands
Germany8895 events1386 bands
Gibraltar1 event
Greece109 events108 bands
Guatemala7 events
Honduras6 events
Hong Kong2 events
Hungary286 events39 bands
Iceland12 events46 bands
India40 events55 bands
Indonesia35 events98 bands
Ireland286 events58 bands
Israel84 events62 bands
Italy1132 events370 bands
Japan566 events89 bands
Jordan1 band
Kazakhstan2 events2 bands
Latvia44 events24 bands
Lebanon6 events12 bands
Liechtenstein2 bands
Lithuania70 events35 bands
Luxembourg262 events37 bands
Madagascar1 event8 bands
Malaysia22 events1 band
Maldives1 band
Malta20 events24 bands
Mexico322 events122 bands
Moldova2 events4 bands
Monaco3 events
Mongolia1 event
Morocco3 events5 bands
Mozambique1 event
Nepal16 events32 bands
Netherlands1393 events254 bands
New Caledonia2 events2 bands
New Zealand105 events27 bands
North Korea2 events
Norway397 events318 bands
Panama1 event
Papua New Guinea1 event
Paraguay14 events10 bands
Peru44 events6 bands
Philippines18 events
Poland650 events133 bands
Portugal208 events114 bands
Puerto Rico8 events1 band
Republic of Macedonia5 events2 bands
Réunion1 band
Romania138 events44 bands
Russian Federation523 events157 bands
Saudi Arabia1 band
Serbia45 events23 bands
Singapore38 events12 bands
Slovakia131 events38 bands
Slovenia112 events38 bands
South Africa108 events135 bands
South Korea27 events5 bands
Spain1142 events281 bands
Sri Lanka8 events26 bands
Sweden681 events657 bands
Switzerland1533 events335 bands
Taiwan32 events8 bands
Thailand25 events18 bands
Tunisia7 events17 bands
Turkey50 events19 bands
Ukraine72 events57 bands
United Arab Emirates16 events8 bands
United Kingdom5714 events1370 bands
United States12885 events2375 bands
Uruguay8 events1 band
Venezuela1 event3 bands
Vietnam2 events1 band
Zimbabwe1 event

Most active bands

Iron Maiden
Lacuna Coil
Infected Rain
Steve Hackett
The Raven Age